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  1. Just stumbled across this “Amazing Selling machine” and am quite impressed & I watched all the available videos. I’ve been snookered $$ by so many schemes (Options) I’m almost afraid to ask what your “Fee”$$ is for getting involved. You mentioned that you’ll be shutting down shortly, so hopefully I can scrape enough funds together, so I can attempt to bolster my retirement account. How do I get information to proceed with your “Selling Machine”

    1. Hi Byron,

      First of all, I’m Sayed (JV partner with Matt and Jason).
      Price is set to be $4997 onetime payment (there’s another payment plan: $1497/mo for 4 months). The program will start selling tomorrow (Wednesday).
      You can wait for my review of ASM and my bonus offer that will be announced tomorrow God welling.

    2. Hi
      we are 2 people that would buy and share cost of ASM5, now we are searching somebody from America, to have access to ASM5 and not to disturb each other (only 1 person can login). If You are interested please let me know fast. Everything is legal and secure.

  2. Hello
    according to I have read
    Q3: Can I have a partner to buy ASM together?
    A3: Yes, but maximum 2 partners.

    I am interested in buying ASM but in this moment I can’t afford it.
    I am searching 2 partners to buy ASM5 fast.
    I have my part 1666 $ so if anybody is interested please let me know fast.

    1. Well, this is the first time to know this as South Africa is more advanced than many countries in the list!! But I guess you won’t be able to sell on Amazon because of these rules! I’d suggest you contact seller central support on the same page you mentioned.
      But about ASM, it is available to people from allover the world, and I’m not in USA and have my business with Amazon.

  3. Hi Sayed,

    I have joined ASM6 on the 7th Oct. 2015, I wish I had seen your blog before, I could have joined through it.

    Maybe it is not too late for me to say that I have joined through your Blog.

    I am hesitant to continue, and I am not sure if ASM for real. I would like your feed back on this. Should I continue does it worth it? I really do not know any thing about the internet. Do u think I could make it happen?

    Is it possible to help me if I get stuck?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Khalil,

      It definitely worth it. ASM has changed the lives of hundreds of people like you and me. It is the best Amazon training in the market till now.
      Even if you are totally new, it is not a problem.
      Also, you have a big guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose (check the guarantee above).
      Hope this helps 🙂

  4. Hi Elsayed,
    Some how I have missed the enrollment to join this course, will you be able to grant me an access for it? Or do you know when will the gate to be re-opened?

  5. As soon as you gain access and have your own account you will be able to access the Amazing Selling Machine training from anywhere around the world with a internet connection

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