Amazing Selling Machine 6 by Matt & Jason | Review & Bonus

Amazing Selling Machine Review and Bonus

Review and Bonus of Amazing Selling Machine by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback

ASM Closes in

The Review

Amazing Selling Machine Review

Yes, the rumors are correct! This October, 2015 launch could be the FINAL launch of Amazing Selling Machine, or as we all call it this time ASM6 under the same price (they said it may cost over $10K in the future).


This means this could be your last chance to get it for this price, and your best chance to start a real legit business selling physical products on Amazon. If you want to buy it immediately, just click here to go to the official website.


But does it really deserve all the hype you always hear about it? Just keep reading this review to find out what you need to know.


What is Amazing Selling Machine?


ASM is a complete package (or as Matt and Jason call it: Builder’s Kit). It is composed of 8 weeks web class, 9 proprietary software, a private community (a special community platform built for ASMer’s, an app for iOs and Android, a forum and a Facebook group) and a team of mentors that all work together to guarantee success for all members who want to start selling on Amazon (or expand an already established Amazon business).


ASM is created by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback. Matt is better known as “The Amazon Master” for being a highly successful seller on Amazon for many years. On the other hand, Jason is a famous online entrepreneur. They teamed up together to start this phenomenon 3 years ago when they launched the beta version of this product “Amazon Money Machines” that soon turned into the full version of ASM in April 2013.



Who should buy ASM?


If you find yourself in one of these situations, then it is definitely for you:


– Entrepreneurs who are serious about their success online.
– Information products owners who look for a new opportunity to expand their business into the physical products world.
– Small business owners who struggle to make a success with selling physical products.
– Online marketers who face problems with importing from China, who can’t win the buy box on Amazon, who don’t know how to private label physical products or who don’t know how to sell using Amazon FBA system.
– Non-US entrepreneurs who can’t handle the selling process while in their country.
– All beginners who don’t know how to start a real successful business online.
– Anyone who wants to get the freedom he deserves and quit his 9-5 daily job or start his retirement plan.



What do you get as a member?


ASM program is divided into 6 components as follows…


1- The New Online Web Class

This is the core component of the product. The training consists of 8 modules delivered in video lessons and PDF guides and live calls following each module. People who join this time will get a completely new improved training based on strategies and tactics that all the team has discovered over the last 2 years.


There are 4 additional new modules as a bonus (packed with info and training).

Matt and Jason


These modules are as follows:


Module 1: Getting Set Up and Finding Hot Product Opportunities


This module aims to allow you to get ready to start your business by setting up your Amazon Seller Central account. It also shows you how to do analysis to choose a market to pick a product from on Amazon. Of course, this module starts with an introduction to this business model, and all info you need to know before going on.


Module 2: Choosing Your Product and Finding Suppliers


This module teaches you how to pick a KILLER product opportunity with high volume, and low competition to sell on Amazon. After that, you learn where to find suppliers of any product you pick. You also learn  the main points of label and packaging design as this will set your product apart from your competition.


Module 3: Amazon Listing Setup and Your First Inventory Order


As evident from the title, this module aims to get you ready with your Amazon product listing (the place where you’ll sell your product). You’ll learn all the elements you need to make this a high-converting page in addition to elements that will help you achieve high rankings for your main keywords (you don’t need to be a copywriter, just follow the template). At the end of this module you’ll place your first inventory order (you learn how to start small, and reinvest your revenue).


Module 4: The Listing Jump Start System


This module is dedicated to giving your listing the huge start point it needs which is essential to establish your product, and subsequently your brand on Amazon marketplace.


Module 5: The Listing Launch Formula 2.0


As the title suggests, this formula is much different than that we (old members) used to do on the first days of ASM. This module is by far the MOST IMPORTANT module of ASM. It teaches you the foundation for promoting and driving buyer traffic to your Amazon product’s listing.


Module 6: Seller Operations and Brand Enhancement


This module is dedicated to getting more sales with sales tactics available only for Amazon sellers. In addition to sales, it’s time to increase your brand awareness via different branding techniques.


Module 7: The Ultimate Sales Accelerator


As your sales are consistent, and you have a good brand now, this module will show you how to accelerate your sales for more and more profits. You learn how to manage inventory for maximum profits, use REVIEW magnets to obtain more positive reviews than your competitors.


Module 8: Outsourcing and Scaling


This final module teaches you how to sustain your business, and make it a long-term business. Here you learn how to outsource your tasks efficiently, and how to scale your business to whole new levels.


2- The Software Tool Suite


At the moment, there are 9 built-in software in the tools section, with new tools coming soon (whenever there’s a need for a new tool, they develop it). Examples of these tools are:


The Email Tool: this is a very powerful tool that you can’t find anywhere else! As you might know, you can’t collect emails when you sell via Amazon. Your only option before ASM was to contact them via seller central in a poor way. Now, with this tool you can schedule your emails (for example to be sent immediately after they buy, 1 week later or 1 month later according to your needs). In short words; this tool is like Aweber but for Amazon sellers.


Press Release Tool: This is a tool that enables you to send daily press releases via Emailwire service. The good thing is that it is all FREE! You see how powerful this is for your promotions? Distribute as many releases as you want (1 per day), and make your brand and sales skyrocket (of course, you’ll need to write them)!


Promotion Tool: This tool is designed to send promotions to hundreds of sites in your market to help you get tons of free targeted traffic.


These are just examples of how powerful tools you’ll have (I can’t reveal the rest, as they are part of the training). As you noticed, all these tools are dedicated to promoting your products with the ultimate target: More sales and more profit.


3- Lifetime Access to the Private Community


This is the group of amazing ASM members. These people really love to help each other. I’ve never been in a group and found this much care among members. Need help? Just ask a question, and you’ll find tens of immediate responses.


People are sharing their stories, tactics, problems, and ideas. This is a very valuable addition to the program that we all love.


The community consists of a private forum, a private Facebook group, and a new improved community platform designed exclusively for ASM to help get all topics organized. Not only this, but there’s also the community app for iOS and Android to have the community reachable at any place.


4- The Mentors


Those are the ASM MENTORs, who are a collection of successful ASMer’s who have achieved big success, and they dedicate their time to help all members one on one. Yes, you will get exclusive assistance from highly-experienced people tailored to your needs.


Building a new business can be a lonely journey, filled with fear and uncertainty. The ASM Mentors and the dedicated ASM support team will help minimize this for you.


5- Ticket to Live Summit


This will be held in Las Vegas on November 6-8, 2015. Older members will have to pay a lot of money to attend this event, but all new members will get a ticket as a part of their ASM6 membership.


This summit shows many experts in different fields of business, for example, one of the previous events showed Sir Richard Branson and Robert Kiyosaki. In addition to the great opportunity of networking and partnership (this resulted in tens of success stories for earlier ASM members).


6- Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls


These are live calls with experts in addition to Matt and Jason. You have the chance to ask any questions and solve any problem you might have. Every call is after the end of corresponding modules.

Is this everything you’ll get?


No, there much more than this. There are entire free courses and pieces of training you’ll get, but the most 2 bonuses I like the best are:


1- Outsource Force: A full video training course from John Reese. If you don’t know John, then you are in a big problem!! The course itself was sold for $1997 per member, but yours free.


2- YouTube Mastery: Also a full training video course that covers everything you need to know to leverage YouTube to the advantage of your business.

And many more surprises…






Q1: Can I do this if I live OUTSIDE the USA?
A1: Yes, I’m from outside USA, and I do it as many other members (we have members from all over the world in the community).


Q2: Can I do this if I live in an affiliate-restricted state in the USA?
A2: Yes, no relation between affiliate restrictions and selling your own physical products.


Q3: Can I have a partner to buy ASM together?
A3: Yes, but maximum 2 partners.


Q4: Aside from the course price, how much does it cost to start the business?
A4: As low as $500-$1000. You’ll learn in the training that you should order a small inventory order first to test the market, and then once sold; you can reinvest the money in a new order and so on.


These are the most common questions I have frequently seen , hope this helps (if you still have questions, you can add a comment below or contact me directly using the contact us page).



What are the results achieved by earlier members?


To be honest, I have NEVER seen such mass success with any product I joined or tested. Hundreds if not thousands of people are crushing it already. We have members that achieve over $1 million in revenue monthly. More just hit the $500K, others with over $250K, $100K, $50K, and so on.


The first thing you will see in the members’ area when you join, is the top badges earners for the current month (badges are the sales revenue you reach with your business. You earn the badge only once, then move on to the next target. This means that the one with the $500K badge is the only one who hit this badge ONLY THIS MONTH; there are tens who hit it in previous months).


You can watch tens of students results in this video


Is there any guarantee with purchases?


Yes, the product comes with a money-back guarantee for 30 days. This means you can try the program for 30 days (you’ll have access to 5 modules by this time, which means your product should be ready and selling), and if for whatever reason, you find this is not for you, you can get a full refund.


Not only that but if you have ordered inventory during those 30 days, will buy these inventory from you up to $2000 in addition to the refunded money of the product.


Don’t Have Enough Money to Buy ASM6?

Only for US located people, you can now apply for a credit line through a financial service called Affirm to pay for you as they have partnered with for this launch.


This option will let you select from 3, 6 or 12 month payment plans. Please note that is not responsible for approval or denial for this option


Click here to find out more about THIS OPTION



Pros of ASM


Actually, the product has tens of pros, which I’m really fond of, so I find it meaningless to enumerate a few of them!! All the features you can read about above are part of these pros.


Cons of ASM


The only disadvantage I see with this product is its high price. The price was $3497 for the past 4 launches, but this time it is $4997 if you do it in one payment, or $5997 if you take the 4 payments option. However, I have a word from Matt Clark, that if for any reason they are going to launch ASM after this time, it will cost probably over $10K!!


From my experience, I learn that only expensive products are the only ones who give you what they promise. In other words, you get what you pay for, and this is no different with ASM.





Amazing Selling Machine is a full, complete package that cover everything you need to start or grow a successful business of selling physical products on Amazon. The program is divided into the 6 components; the training, the tools, the community, the team of mentors, the calls, and the live summit. You get an 8-week online training delivered in videos and PDFs in addition to 9 built-in software tools. And if you need any help, the community, and the mentors will offer a tailored help for your specific issue, plus all the additional information you get from other members of the community.


In closing, the Amazing Selling Machine is an invaluable resource for anyone motivated and willing to listen, learn, work and march forward into a solid Amazon-based product business. ASM doors will close (maybe forever this time on Thursday, 15th of October at 11:59 PM Pacific time, so time is running out.


See you in the community!


– ElSayed ElAssal


Amazon Gift Cards Offer is about to EXPIRE

Important Note To receive the bonuses announced below, your investment must be credited to ElSayed ElAssal. To make sure that the links on this page give proper credit, please clear your cookies before investing through the buttons on this page. Instructions: Firefox | Chrome | Other Browsers
If you buy today, we’ll throw in the following bonuses for FREE so you save even more time getting setup. You won't find these bonuses anywhere else--only by ordering through my link below before Thursday, October 15th at midnight (however, only 20 cards are available, so if they are gone at anytime, they are gone).

$500 Amazon Gift Card

In case you need anything, you can get this gift card to buy whatever you want whenever you need it (you can buy an iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy,… etc).

If you need anything for the same value, it is OK (but NO cash rebates).



$500 Bonus


$100 Credit at FBA Forward

You get $100 credits when you sign up at FBA Forward.

What is FBA Forward?
FBA Forward is a freight forwarding and inspection service located in San Diego, CA that caters to Amazon FBA sellers.  They are importers and FBA sellers themselves, so they know exactly what needs to be done in order to keep both Amazon and your customers happy.

They help Amazon private companies (like yours in the near future) by taking care of the entire process of getting their goods from China to Amazon.

They have a customs broker to take care of customs entries and ISF filings, as well as a warehouse to inspect, package, label, bundle, etc. your products before sending to the Amazon fulfillment centers.

Because they’re located in San Diego their customers can take advantage of fast, extremely inexpensive sea shipping directly to their warehouse.  You can learn more about their pricing and what they do at

$100 Bonus


8 Weeks Skype Calls 30 min 1 on 1

  • Private 1 on 1 Skype calls.
  • Each call is 30 minutes.
  • Each call is after the end of each module of the training
  • This means 8 calls, 1 call per week.
  • In this call, we will solve any problems you might have with that week’s module. Even if you don’t have problems, we’ll make sure you take the proper action step.
  • Call times are flexible (this means that even if you don’t watch the module in its specific week, we can have the call whenever you finish the module).

$200 Bonus


“How to Import From China” Blueprint

– You will learn the method in ASM training, and this is is the time you might be intimidated (it happened to almost all of us).
– You are lucky as you won’t be intimidated at all with this blueprint.
– You will learn how to outsource products overseas (mainly from China).
– We’ll cover both by air and by sea shipping and which one is better.
– You learn what I faced and did step-by-step till I have my product with Amazon FBA.

– A ready template you can use to contact suppliers.

$97 Bonus


My $5000 Mistake Report

This is what you will learn in this special report:

  • What the mistake I did while applying the training and cost me $5000 is (this is not a part of the training I did, but at a certain level, you’ll feel the desire to do the same mistake).
  • How to avoid it.

$47 Bonus


Private Access to My Personal Freelancers

  • This was a dilemma when I tried to create my product listing page (you learn how to create it in the training, but some parts you can’t do yourself as product images for example).
  • I wasted hundreds of dollars till I found the real deals in every part I needed (designs, website design, product images, copywriting, …etc).
  • If you are lazy like me, I’ll connect you with the best native writers I ever found.
  • This will save you hundreds of wasted dollars and hours of searching and disappointment.

N.B.: Let’s make it clear, I’ll connect you with them but I will not pay for their work (I’ll get you special deals though).

Priceless Bonus


Review of Your Product and Listing before Launch

  • This is crucial especially if you are not marketing savvy.
  • I’ll review your product and give you approval whether it will meet your expectations or not (this is before you contact suppliers).
  • After you prepare your product listing (especially if you make it yourself), I’ll review it from the marketing point of view. I’ll tell you whether it is attractive to customers or not then we will make the tweaks needed to get the best results.

$497 Bonus


Competition Analysis Blueprint

This is a unique complementary method to analyse your competition in addition to what you learn in ASM. This is based on 2 very important elements:

  1. What the price history of your competitor products is. This one removes the hassle all new sellers always have about pricing their products. You’ll learn how to know the price history of any product you want
  2. Where your competitors are selling their products other than Amazon (if any). This can provide a great insight on scaling your business. And the best thing, if they have their own store, you can know their methods and secrets of buying.

N.B.: Where your competitors find their suppliers is a part of “How to Import From China” blueprint.

$197 Bonus


How to Leverage Facebook Ads for Sales & Reviews

One of the most important methods you’ll want to use to promote your product is paid advertising. I never had luck with Google Adwords, but I have some interesting results from Facebook ads.

This is why I decided to share my tactics with you, so in this FB Ads Blueprint, you’ll get:

  • The exact step-by-step blueprint I use to create these types of ads.
  • How to get the highest possible CTR.
  • The most powerful free tool that many marketers ignore.
  • How to use those ads to improve your sales and increase your reviews

$297 Bonus


The Ultimate Sales Letter: Attract New Customers – Boost your Sales

  • This book is by Dan Kennedy who is the most successful, highly paid direct-response copywriter
  • in the country.
  • Completely updated text and examples.
  • Great headline formulas.
  • New exercises to spark creativity.
  • The best way to use graphics (you can use this in your website).

$12 Bonus


SEO Ranking Blueprint

‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’

This is why I’m not offering ‘Done For You Services’; I’m teaching you how to do it!!

You might know it; my main expertise is SEO and I’m specialized in ranking sites since my day 1 online back in 2008. In ASM, you will learn that you need SEO, as part of promoting your product. This is where we come into play.

Now, here’s what you get in my SEO Ranking Blueprint:

  • The exact step-by-step blueprint I used to rank my websites
  • On-Page SEO factors you need to cover.
  • Analysis of your competition.
  • Link building that Google loves in 2015 (and the most powerful link type).
  • Ninja trick to finding your competitor’s newest links as soon as they are listed in Google.

$297 Bonus


90-Day SEO Consultation

  • After you complete the blueprint in the bonus above, you still have access for more help.
  • You can ask me whatever you want in SEO via emails for 90 days.
  • I give you 90 full days to be sure your product is ready and you want to conquer SERPs.
  • You can consult me even for non Amazon SEO projects.

$2997 Bonus


Mystery Bonus

This is a surprise bonus, and I can’t put a price to it as it is very valuable. I’m sure some people may find it the best bonus in the package!!!

Priceless Bonus


How to Claim Your Bonus


First, clear your cookies to guarantee you buy from my link as illustrated above


Buy Amazing Selling Machine by clicking the button below


Forward your receipt to s.elassal[at]


I’ll contact you via email in the following 24 hours to confirm your bonus



Amazing Selling Machine is available only till October 15th at midnight (Doors will close when the counter hits ZERO). And my $5741 Bonus packages are limited (I can't share my secrets with many people). So I highly recommend you hit the buy button before it is too late. Bonuses are offered accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.



Matt and Jason are offering a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so if for any reason you are not happy with ASM, you can ask for a refund within 30 days from Day 1 of training start. Not only that but if you have ordered inventory during those 30 days, will buy these inventory from you up to $2000 in addition to the refunded money of the product.

Do you require that people make a one time full payment to get the bonus?

No, any option will get the bonus. Only, if you pick the 4 payments plan, I’ll deliver it after the end of the 4 payments God welling.

How can I guarantee that you'll deliver the bonus package?

You have 2 options to guarantee that; first one is to contact ASM Support and ask them about the reputation of me (ElSayed ElAssal) or you can check the testimonials from earlier ASM launches and put your trust in me :)

What Earlier ASM Members Have Said about My Bonus

Got your gift card from as the bonus item for the Amazing Selling Machine course

Thank you

Fred, October 2013 Class

Thank you for the gift card and for the opportunity to register for the Amazing Selling Machine via your website.

Best regards

Iulia, October 2013 Class

Got your Amazon Gift Card. This is an excellent bonus.

Thank you

Jack, October 2013 Class

Thank you so much for the prompt delivery of the ASM Bonus gift card! It was a real pleasure doing business with you.

Many Thanks

Donald D, October 2013 Class

Thank you for the prompt delivery of the ASM bonus Amazon gift card. Great service!


Lara S, October 2013 Class

Hi Sayed,


Got the bonus. Thank you very much for sharing!

Jim, March 2013 Class

Free Video Training

ASM6 Video1

Video One

The $100B Opportunity

In this free video series, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback; the founders of Amazing Selling Machine are teaching  a quick course of selling physical products on Amazon.

This first video is dedicated to introducing you to the business opportunity with 8 steps you need to follow to start and grow your Amazon business. Click here to watch video one now.

Here’s what you can expect in this 57 min training video…

  • The Opportunity

    Matt & Jason are introducing the huge opportunity of selling physical products on Amazon, and how they and other people have achieved big profits

  • 8 Steps of Amazon Business

    Here you learn the 8 steps you must follow to start your business selling on Amazon. These steps can be the difference between success and failure.

  • Guide Download

    After you watch the video, you have the chance to download a guide of the steps you need to follow to start your Amazon business including the steps to picking a lucrative product.

Profit Spotlight 3.0

Video Two

Profit Spotlight 3.0 Free Software

In this second video of the free series, Matt and Jason release the new improved version of their free Amazon software called Profit Spotlight 3.0

Click Here to Watch Video 2 and Access Software Now

  • Video 2

    In this video, Matt and Jason are announcing the release of the software, and teach people how to use it.

  • The Software

    Just enter your email to access the software immediately. This tool scans thousands of products on Amazon to find the hottest opportunities. You pick your choices and you are good to go.

  • It Is FREE

    The software is free for a limited time (few days). After that, it will be paid (Jason suggests it will costs hundreds of $$ per year to access it. So you need to act fast to gain your free access.


Q&A Google Hangout

Q&A Google Hangout

Matt and Jason held a live Q&A Google Hangout last Saturday. In this hangout they gave answers to some of the most popular (and weirdest) questions they have received about selling physical products online. And they had 2 guests who have built 7-figure Amazon businesses from scratch.

Click here to watch the replay now

  • Sourcing from China

    In this Hangout, you'll learn how to get products from China to Amazon (without ever touching inventory). What Donald Trump has to do with selling on Amazon? And What does it REALLY cost to get started with this business?

  • Two Guests

    How a guy with 3 kids built a multi-million dollar physical products business from SCRATCH in a matter of months. Plus the secrets used by a super-successful member from Ireland used to rapidly scale her business thousands of miles away from the USA.

  • Special Bonus

    You'll get the chance to see a demo of a HOT product you can sell right NOW and how to make this product (or anything like it) your own custom-branded product.


  • mohamed

    thank you

  • ElSayed ElAssal

    You are welcome Mohamed, The other videos, review and bonus will be announced soon

  • John Tighe

    Every time I read these comments I get a bit sick to my stomach.. Why? ............. FOR NOT TAKING ACTION!!

  • Byron Hight

    Just stumbled across this "Amazing Selling machine" and am quite impressed & I watched all the available videos. I've been snookered $$ by so many schemes (Options) I'm almost afraid to ask what your "Fee"$$ is for getting involved. You mentioned that you'll be shutting down shortly, so hopefully I can scrape enough funds together, so I can attempt to bolster my retirement account. How do I get information to proceed with your "Selling Machine"

    • ElSayed ElAssal

      Hi Byron, First of all, I'm Sayed (JV partner with Matt and Jason). Price is set to be $4997 onetime payment (there's another payment plan: $1497/mo for 4 months). The program will start selling tomorrow (Wednesday). You can wait for my review of ASM and my bonus offer that will be announced tomorrow God welling.

    • Bartosz

      Hi we are 2 people that would buy and share cost of ASM5, now we are searching somebody from America, to have access to ASM5 and not to disturb each other (only 1 person can login). If You are interested please let me know fast. Everything is legal and secure.

  • Bartosz

    Hello according to I have read Q3: Can I have a partner to buy ASM together? A3: Yes, but maximum 2 partners. I am interested in buying ASM but in this moment I can't afford it. I am searching 2 partners to buy ASM5 fast. I have my part 1666 $ so if anybody is interested please let me know fast.

    • Vicstar

      Hey there, I'd be interested in partnering. Send me an email with some details about yourself and we'll see what we can work out.

    • ElSayed ElAssal

      Great to hear, so can you 2 give me permission to send you each other email addresses?

  • Vicstar

    That would be fantastic Sayed. Thanks a lot.

  • Josh

    When does the course open up again?

    • ElSayed ElAssal

      Nobody knows, you can enter your email in the form on this site, so I will let you know when they launch it again

  • eduardo

    Is ASM available for people outside the U.S? I'm asking because i tried signing up for amazon once,but my country wasn't part of amazon's seller countries.i'm from south africa.So is it even worth purchasing if your not part of amazon seller country list?

    • ElSayed ElAssal

      Well, this is the first time to know this as South Africa is more advanced than many countries in the list!! But I guess you won't be able to sell on Amazon because of these rules! I'd suggest you contact seller central support on the same page you mentioned. But about ASM, it is available to people from allover the world, and I'm not in USA and have my business with Amazon.

  • khalil

    Hi Sayed, I have joined ASM6 on the 7th Oct. 2015, I wish I had seen your blog before, I could have joined through it. Maybe it is not too late for me to say that I have joined through your Blog. I am hesitant to continue, and I am not sure if ASM for real. I would like your feed back on this. Should I continue does it worth it? I really do not know any thing about the internet. Do u think I could make it happen? Is it possible to help me if I get stuck? Thank you

    • ElSayed ElAssal

      Hi Khalil, It definitely worth it. ASM has changed the lives of hundreds of people like you and me. It is the best Amazon training in the market till now. Even if you are totally new, it is not a problem. Also, you have a big guarantee, so there's nothing to lose (check the guarantee above). Hope this helps :)


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